Fractional Marketing Director

Kelly Berdine

Founder & Spirit Guide


Places I’ve spent time: IBM. Turner Sports. Digital agencies big and small. Five years on a relatively lawless South American island.

Nerdy about: Data. Psychology. Brand. Content.

I’m a fan of: Test. Learn. Iterate. Plan with intention. (Also know when to throw the plan out.)

Superpowers: Creating order from chaos. Making connections (people, business, all sorts of dots). Finding what matters.



Even in rough times and tough learning moments… and let’s be real, life and business is full of them… honesty is a core, non-negotiable element for a relationship to function and thrive.


To experiment and learn. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” - Neale Donald Walsch


Helps you achieve goals, is fuel for building new skills and creating more resources, and reveals new solutions to the inevitable challenges of life. It’s also just a more fun way to exist. We aim to be a positive highlight in our clients’ workday.


It opens a world of possibilities and allows us to problem-solve tough situations more creatively.


Is necessary for sustainability, and nourishes the cycle of positivity, courage and curiosity.